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Our mission at Sharp Designs is to provide high quality web design, maintenance, and support at a reasonable rate, focusing on the specific business or personal goals of our clients.

Our Services

Sharp Designs offers a wide variety of web design and development services to meet your specific needs. We have experience building a vast array of site types for multiple purposes. Some of the projects we tackle include:

Corporate Sites
Personal/Theme Sites
E-Commerce Sites
Site Re-designs
Database-Driven Sites


Our Company

Sharp Designs has been actively building web pages since the Web began (around late 1992). We quickly realized the potential of the web design business, as we noticed the exponential growth of web sites from 1992 - Present.

Sharp Designs was co-founded by Dan and Melissa Sharp. Since it's inception, Sharp Designs has employed the services of a number of partners and contractors to provide the maximum quality to our clients. The unique combination of skills, knowledge, experience and partnerships provide just the right mix for building and maintaining exceptional web sites, as well as providing other Internet-related services.



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If you want to make your business available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year a Web site can help. If you want to promote your services, sell more products and attract new customers, a Web site can help. Web sites are also a great advertising tool with a world wide audience... just think of the possibilities for growth of your business! Sharp Designs can help you get your business online for the first time or help you rebuild your online presence.

Our Clients

Sharp Designs as built quite a variety of websites. Here's just one of our many clients:

Client: Brent Rowan - Bare Essentials
Project: Brent Rowan, one of Nashville's most prolific and sought-after studio guatir players, contracted Sharp Designs to rebuild and redesign his website. Mr. Rowan wanted to create a better user experience... one that matched the response his music evokes. Sharp Designs rebuilt the site to incorporate a number of elements from the old site but with a completely new look, a new navigation system, a more consistent visual theme, and number of other enhancements. The site now employs a number of fade, shade, and blur techniques to give it a "soft" feel. The new site


Contact Us!

If you are in need of high quality web design services at a reasonable cost, give Sharp Designs a try. You won't be disappointed!

For more information, or to request a proposal, contact Sharp Designs at
or call us toll-free at
1-800-811-DESIGNS (3374)

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